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Examples of Synonyms Words Meaning Dictionary in hindi

Examples of Synonyms Words Meaning Dictionary in Hindi | Hello friend, welcome to the exam study materials website. Today, in this article, we are giving you a list of 60 important Synonyms. All these Synonyms have appeared in the Competitive Examination in the last few years.

Synonyms Meaning in Hindi

हमने हिंदी भाषा में पर्यायवाची शब्दो को पढ़ा हैं| जिन्हें हम  समानार्थक शब्द भी कह सकते हैं| इंग्लिश भाषा में इन्हें हम Synonyms कहते हैं| Examples of Synonyms नीचे दिए हैं| जिन्हें आप जरूर पढ़े| ये सभी बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण है| ये सभी alternate word पिछले कुछ वर्षो में काफ़ी बार पूछे गए है|

Examples of Synonyms Words Meaning Dictionary in hindi

Synonyms शब्द के कुछ पर्यायवाची शब्द इंग्लिश में जो आपको पता होने चाहिए| 


Examples of Synonyms 

1. Accumulation – aggregation, conglomeration, agglomeration
2. Accuse – slander, malign, denigrate, sully, blacken
3. Affection – emotion, love, attachment
4. Apathetic -unambitious, unenthusiastic, unimpassioned
5. Abandon -desertion, defection, secession, withdrawal
6. Bond -chain, tie, band, yoke, link, liaison
7. Beauty -grace, elegance, charm, attractiveness
8. Copy -reproduction, replica, tracing, transcription
9. Caress – love, fondle, pat, kiss, hug, dandle
10. Co-operation – league, amity, coexistence, sympathy
11. Disorder -chaos, anarchy, muddle, incoordination
12. Defiant – proud, disobedient, provocative
13. Deceit – fraud, bluff, guile, knavery
14. Eccentricity – anomaly, exception, informality, peculiarity
15. Fortitude – bravery, courage, endurance
16. Foreigner – alien, stranger, outlandish, expatriate
17. Flatterer – sycophant, parasite, hanger-on, sponger
18. Feeble – weak, frail, languid, faint
19. Greatness – large, big, vast, gigantic, enormous
20.Grave – serious, sober, solemn, sedate, stern
21. Greed – avidity, covetousness, rapacity
22. Generous – liberal, bountiful, magnanimous
23. Heathen – rude, barbarous, amoralist, materialist
24. Hard – harsh, rigorous, severe, cruel, difficult
25. Hindrance – barrier, check, restraint, drawback
26. Hire – rent, lease, charter
27. Handsome – beautiful, graceful, elegant, exquisite
28. Homage – tribute, respect, reverence
29. Ideal – model, perfect, example
30. Imitate – ape, echo, mirror, reflect
31. Inferior – junior, assistant, subsidiary, subordinate
32. Illegal – illicit, illegitimate, impermissible, cor.train
33. Illustrious – famous, eminent
34. Inimical – unfriendly, unsympathetic, disenchanted
35. Jolly – merry, jubilant, gay, lively, jovial, mirthful in
36. Kinship (fast)-relationship, alliance, toes of blood
37. Keen – eager, acute, sharp, penetrating
38. Modesty – humble, resignation, unpretentious
39. Natural – normal, usual, regular, consistent, inevitable
40. Noble – stately, dignified, magnanimous, elevated
41. Naughty – mischievous, disobedient
42. Oppress – tyrannize, intimidate, terrorize
43. Opposition – disharmony, dissonance, recrimination
44. Patience – endurance, tolerance, forbearance
45. Ridiculous – sarcastic, ironical, quizzical, sardonic
46. Renounce – abandon, leave, abdicate, discard
47. Selfish – egoistic, self-absorbed, narcissistic
48. Stimulate – provoke, urge, instigate, incite
49. Spontaneous – natural, instinctive, unchecked, unrestricted
50. Suppress – check, restrain, impede, bridle
51. Temperament – mood, spirit, disposition, temper, hum
52. Tragedy – calamity, disaster, catastrophe, affliction
53. Tyrant – oppressor, bully, despot, autocrat, persecutor
54. Theory – doctrine, belief, speculation, hypothesis
55. Vice – frailty, foible, fault, demerit, infirmity
56. Virtuous – honest, scrupulous, principled, law
57. Vain – brazen, conceited, unabashed
58. Vacant – empty, void, unfulfilled, unoccupied
59. Warmth – farvour, ardour, affection
60. Yield – abandon, waive, surrender, forego

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